software architect, team leader, golfer and lover of delicious food, wine and coffee

My beloved passions

Hello everybody from Prague, Czech Republic. This website is about my passions. Greatest one is IT which become my job too. I started as administrator and I quickly hit the top. I was building private cloud for one Czech factory. After that I focused more to clever systems and founded and later sold start-up Softsolution with Softaukce software for saving company costs. In addition to this project I started huge challenge developing brand new system for LEO Express. That led me to become head of IT department. In half of 2014 I moved to new start-up called Bileto where I am team leader.

From the real world I love delicious food and drink. Italian, Chinese and Czech cuisine are my favourite. To the food I love distinctive wines (eg. Chardonnay, Merlot, Champagne) or Czech beer. And this all fits nice with my passion to golf, football and motor sport.

you'll love me when you meet me


Currently as innovator and software architect in Bileto. Focused on innovation with nice knowledge of software patterns and architecture. Design, UI/UX are minor but favorite jobs.


This role fits me best. I feel fulfilled when I can lead a team, help and mentor younger and less experienced colleagues and being proud to them. This is definitely what I want to do in future.


Ambitious, patient, stickler for detail but not loosing overview, free-thinking man. That's in short, if you want to know more, meet me and make your own opinion.

Projects I have done or at least working on

  • Bileto2014 - now

    Finds all you need for your journey in one place with one payment. Tickets, hotels, cabs, events and much more.

    LEO Express2013 - 2014

    Modern train carrier in heart of europe. Here I have made complete enterprise IT system for transportation.

    Softsolution2012 - 2015

    My own start-up focused on IT solutions for saving costs. Main product is Softaukce - innovative purchase auction system.

  • Timespace2011

    Makes worker in field's life much easier with making time sheet for him without any effort. By connecting everything what he is already using.

    Private Cloud

    Private cloud2012

    For factory in Czech Republic we have build private cloud from scratch and with great success.

    NetAdmin CMS

    NetAdmin CMS2010

    Flexible CMS, non-technically educated users friendly. Currently used by many companies.

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